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IntesaHR: Your Partner for HR Excellence.

Tailored HR solutions, from recruitment to payroll, all designed to champion excellence and innovation in your organizational journey.

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Boost your growth with our recruitment outsourcing; we secure top talent, ensuring you optimize costs and accelerate success.

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Achieve HR brilliance with our outsourcing services, optimizing operations and elevating employee satisfaction, allowing you to concentrate solely on business growth and success.

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Optimize your employee benefits effortlessly with our specialized outsourcing, ensuring enhanced satisfaction and efficiency, freeing up your resources to focus on what matters most—your business’s success.

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Propel your business with our streamlined payroll outsourcing services, crafted for maximized efficiency and growth focus.


Choose IntesaHR now! Unleash unmatched HR solutions that drive immediate simplicity, cost-efficiency, and focus towards achieving your strategic milestones.

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Experience remarkable savings with IntesaHR. Outsourcing HR functions to us means freeing your finances from maintaining an in-house department, enhancing your financial agility and effectiveness.

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Benefit from a wealth of knowledge brought by our seasoned HR professionals, guaranteeing the delivery of top-tier, proficient HR solutions that stand out in industry excellence.

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Embrace services uniquely tailored for you. Our approach is intricately designed to align with your specific business objectives, ensuring the delivery of solutions that resonate with your unique needs and aspirations.

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Navigate the business landscape with peace of mind. We uphold a steadfast commitment to adhering to HR regulations, minimizing legal and regulatory risks, and allowing you to channel your focus solely on your essential business activities.


Answers at Your Fingertips

IntesaHR is an innovative human resources platform designed to streamline various HR processes. It employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to automate tasks such as resume screening, candidate matching, and employee performance analysis. By leveraging data-driven insights, IntesaHR optimizes recruitment, talent management, and workforce planning processes, ultimately enhancing organizational efficiency and productivity.

IntesaHR offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions aimed at simplifying and improving various aspects of human resource management. These include but are not limited to:

  •  Automated resume screening: IntesaHR uses AI algorithms to analyze resumes and identify the most suitable candidates for job positions.
  • Candidate matching: The platform matches candidates with job openings based on skills, experience, and organizational requirements, facilitating faster and more accurate recruitment.
  • Performance analysis: IntesaHR assesses employee performance using data analytics, enabling organizations to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  •  Talent management: The platform helps organizations effectively manage and develop their talent pool through tools for skill assessment, training recommendations, and career path planning.

IntesaHR streamlines the Recruitment, HR, and Payroll processes through its integrated suite of tools and functionalities. By leveraging advanced algorithms and automation, IntesaHR optimizes recruitment by automating resume screening, candidate matching, and interview scheduling, thereby reducing time-to-hire and improving candidate quality. Additionally, the platform facilitates efficient HR management by centralizing employee data, automating administrative tasks, and providing insights for talent development and performance analysis. Moreover, IntesaHR simplifies payroll processing by automating calculations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and integrating seamlessly with existing payroll systems, resulting in greater accuracy, efficiency, and compliance across the entire HR lifecycle.

Yes, IntesaHR is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems and software applications. Whether it’s applicant tracking systems (ATS), human capital management (HCM) platforms, or performance management tools, IntesaHR offers flexible integration options to ensure smooth data exchange and compatibility with your organization’s existing infrastructure.

IntesaHR stands out from other HR platforms/services due to its comprehensive yet user-friendly interface, advanced AI-driven capabilities, and seamless integration with existing HR systems. With IntesaHR, organizations can benefit from streamlined recruitment, efficient HR management, and simplified payroll processing, ultimately enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and driving strategic decision-making. Moreover, IntesaHR’s commitment to innovation, data security, and customer satisfaction makes it the preferred choice for businesses seeking to optimize their HR operations and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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Revolutionize your recruitment with IntesaHR’s customized, data-driven strategies that ensure exceptional talent alignment with your company’s vision.

Strategic Analysis & Planning

Tailoring recruitment strategies to uniquely align with your company’s vision, ensuring a harmonized connection between candidates and your organizational objectives.

Sourcing Top Talent

Utilizing powerful platforms such as Indeed and specialized industry job boards, maximizing the reach to acquire top-tier talent tailored precisely to your needs.

Screening & Selection

Committing to quality through a meticulous screening and selection process, powered by data-driven insights, ensuring that only the most exceptional talents are chosen to join your team.


Explore a holistic suite of services designed to empower, align, and navigate your business through employee management, strategic alignment, legal compliance, and educational excellence, ensuring a synchronized journey to organizational success.

Employee Lifecycle Management
Our All-in-One People Strategy Services

Training and Employee Development
Unleash Potential with Our Expert HR
Training Solutions

Total Rewards Planning and Administration
Unlocking Value, Empowering Lives –
Our Comprehensive Employee Care Ecosystem

Alignment of Workforce Management
with Business Goals
Guiding your journey to success

Compliance with Current Employment Law
Compliance Excellence: Nagivating the Regulatory Maze with Confidence

Employee Education
Navigating Success Together with Engaging Solutions


Optimize your HR operations with our comprehensive suite of services, including meticulous auditing, seamless system administration, strategic vendor coordination, and customized support in benefits, enrollment, and legal compliance, all tailored to enhance accuracy and efficiency.

  • Administration of the system
  • Auditing
  • Vendor Invoicing Reconciliation
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Q&A regarding benefits (Acting as HR Customer Service)
  • Benefit Auditing
  • Enrollment Auditing
  • Open Enrollment Help
  • Coordinate with Vendors
  • Customized Reporting
  • COBRA and FMLA\Leave Administration
  • Billing Administration


Revolutionize your HR processes with precise timekeeping, seamless payroll, accurate 401(k) reporting, and streamlined worker’s compensation, ensuring urgency, accuracy, and utmost compliance in every aspect of your business operations.

Timekeeping System Maintenance

Ensure efficient and accurate tracking of employee hours and attendance for precise payroll processing and regulatory compliance.

Payroll Processing

Manage all payroll aspects effortlessly, ensuring timely, accurate compensation, and enhancing employee satisfaction and compliance.

401k Reporting

Administer accurate and timely 401(k) reports, ensuring proper deductions and contributions, empowering employees towards securing their financial future.

Worker's Compensation Reporting

Efficiently manage and report worker’s compensation, ensuring a streamlined approach to workplace safety, compliance, and legal obligations.