Small Businesses: Why You Need an HR Consulting Firm

abril 18, 2024
Hr Consulting firms

Managing people operations is enormously challenging, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. From talent acquisition to compensation planning, performance management to policy development, HR entails a broad range of complex responsibilities. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the bandwidth or capability to handle it all flawlessly in-house.

That’s why partnering with an HR consulting firm has become so invaluable for organizations of all sizes and industries. These experienced consultants offer complete outsourced talent management so you can focus on your core priorities.

Keep reading to learn the expansive range of benefits an HR partner provides.


Specialized Expertise

HR consultants dedicate their careers to understanding essential people management disciplines like:

    • Recruitment and staffing
    • Employee relations
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Workplace investigations
    • Organizational development
    • Compensation benchmarking
    • Performance evaluation
    • Leadership training
    • DEI programming
    • Employee engagement monitoring
    • Succession planning

    Very few internal HR professionals possess specialized skill sets across all of these areas simultaneously. Engaging experts allows you to leverage competencies it could take years for an individual HR manager to cultivate. Consultants have usually managed HR for multiple companies across sectors, equipping them with well-rounded capabilities.


    Strategic and Objective Guidance

    When problem solving for their own organization, HR teams often suffer from institutional biases that obstruct their ability to give detached, strategic counsel. They may have conflicts of interest or struggle separating the right solution from the expedient one.

    Alternatively, consultants offer an outside-in perspective. Having no political agenda or personal stake empowers them to make pragmatic recommendations aligned to the company’s best interests. With no office politics skewing judgments, consultants provide management with transparent yet tactical advice for optimizing human capital strategy. Their independence also helps remedy lack of succession planning by identifying high potential existing talent.


    Process Efficiencies

    Juggling administrative workforce tasks like payroll, compliance, reporting and record-keeping bogs HR teams down. It’s challenging giving these operationally intensive activities sufficient attention while also trying to serve the strategic needs of the business. HR consultants often utilize state-of-the-art technology solutions that streamline these processes through automation and digitalization. This liberates precious internal bandwidth to focus on more value-added programs that drive productivity, retention and other priority outcomes.


    Economies of Scale

    Consultants frequently service companies across multiple footprints, granting them purchasing power when sourcing external products or services. They can negotiate discounted rates for pre-employment assessments, training programs, background checks, insurance policies and more. These savings get passed onto clients, lowering overhead. Certain boutique HR firms even offer clients access to proprietary tools developed specifically for their practices.


    Access to Top Talent

    Recruiting elite talent persistently challenges organizations of all sizes and sectors. HR consultants tend to have far superior prospect sourcing capabilities than solitary internal recruiters. Their networks span across industries and geographies, unlocking applicant access companies may struggle to discover independently. Consultants also remain abreast of latest trends in candidate attraction to optimize hiring outcomes. For specialized or executive roles, consultants can engage niche external recruiting firms in their ecosystem. This expands and diversifies potential candidate slates.


    HR Risk and Compliance Mitigation

    Navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding employment remains intimidating for most HR practitioners lacking legal expertise. Moreover, keeping current with ever-evolving state federal and local statutes across functions like wage/hour, discrimination, disability accommodation, leave management and more gets extremely taxing. However, preventing violations from occurring lags as a lower priority behind driving business performance.

    This is the perfect storm for running afoul of regulations or encountering litigation. According to the EEOC, nearly $500 million was paid out for employment discrimination charges levied against organizations in 2021 alone.

    HR consultants actively monitor legal developments across jurisdictions to guarantee clients remain compliant. Should any proceedings arise, consultants also represent clients throughout investigation and case proceedings, safeguarding the business. Essentially, consultants function as the fully outsourced HR legal department.


    The Total Package

    Sourcing an HR consulting firm equips growing companies with a turnkey talent management solution. It’s like having a seasoned Chief Human Resources Officer available on-demand. Consultants become integrated strategic partners that allow business leaders and internal HR to relinquish tactical requisites and emphasize more impactful priorities. They provide specialized expertise, process efficiencies, technology infrastructure, risk mitigation and supplemental capabilities no ordinary HR function can consistently deliver alone.

    While each firm possesses unique strengths and offerings, the very best consultants approach engagements as true collaborators. They invest time understanding organizational culture, initiatives underway and desired business objectives before tailoring recommendations. These trusted advisors provide complete HR outsourcing or targeted project consulting scaled to specific needs. Their flexibility and customization optimize overall value.


    Elevate Your HR Strategies with Intesa Consulting

    Looking to revolutionize your HR strategy and overcome workforce challenges? Our experienced HR team at Intesa Consulting is here to help. With a range of powerful HR solutions tailored to your specific needs, we provide comprehensive HR outsourcing services designed to optimize your human capital management.


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